Take a blender and poor in some of the finest styles of Southern, Stoner and HardRock. Stir it up on full speed and you’ll get this amazing cocktail.
Members with a great music experience, played at venues all over Europe came together to conquer today’s music-scene and created this heavy swamp/stonerrock band called BAIL. Uptempo or Heavy Groovin’ BAIL will tear any place down. Just read the reviews: they speak for themselves!

Are you ready for this three headed monster, a grooving freight train on the loose??!!

BAIL played with bands like Texas Hippie Coalition (USA), Karma To Burn (USA), Rose Tattoo (AUS), ‘C mon (USA, ex-Nashville Pussy), Skinny Molly (USA, ex-guitarist Mike Estes from Lynyrd Skynyrd), Tygers Of Pan Tang (UK), Triggerfinger (BEL), Zeus, Astrosoniq, Textures and many more… Bail also played at BOSPOP 2010 and in places like De Melkweg, 013, De Effenaar, Bibelot, Iduna, De Boerderij, De Pul, De Groene-Engel, Elektra, De Piek, Xinix and many more…